Mespelbrunn Castle & Panorama Walk

Walking to Mespelbrunn Castle
Walking to Mespelbrunn Castle

By Vicky · Published May. 23rd, 2024

This walk gives you panoramic views of a lovely valley in the Spessart hills before leading you to Mespelbrunn Castle and a little chapel.


The Mespelbrunn Castle & Panorama Walk starts from a small, free hikers car park on the upper side of Mespelbrunn town.

Mespelbrunn Castle & Panorama Walking Map


  • To visit Castle Mespelbrunn you have to go on a guided tour (in German), costing €6.50 per adult. Check the website for details.
  • For refreshments, the Pferdestall Cafe/Biergarten inside the castle grounds is lovely, but you have to pay the castle entrance fee (€6.50) to visit!
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Mespelbrunn Castle & Panorama Walking Route

A track through countryside on a panoramic walk in Spessart, Germany
A track through countryside on a panoramic walk in Spessart, Germany

From the car park, you’ll see signs for three Nordic Walking trails. This walk follows Nordic Walking Trail 1 until you return to the car park before the second leg of the walk. The route starts along the track away from town and into the trees. At the first junction, take the track to the left.

The route finding is straightforward on this part of the walk. You just stay on the track, which winds its way, following the contours, along the hillside. There are lovely views of the green, grassy valley below, with a couple of towns nestled at the bottom.

A panoramic walk near Mespelbrunn Castle

Towards the far end of the walk, the track bends to the right and descends to a junction. Take a sharp left here and walk a few hundred metres before taking the signed track on your left. This path parallels the upper track, but lower on the hillside. You have similar nice views and eventually end at the car park where you started.

Mespelbrunn Castle

The next loop of this walk visits Mespelbrunn Castle and a small chapel. To get to the castle, this time walk down the road and turn left. At the T-junction turn right heading steeply downwards, then look out for the grassy path through the field on your left. This is a shortcut to reach the bottom.

Walking to Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany
Walking to St Maria Chapel from Mespelbrunn Castle

Turn left to walk to the castle. First, continue straight on a short distance after the right turn to reach the castle entrance. Just after the Pferdestall Cafe building, you’ll find the best viewpoint of the Mespelbrunn Castle. After taking a photo, backtrack a little and then head towards the castle entrance. Even if you don’t go in, you can get another glimpse of the castle from here.

Whether you visit the castle or not, the walk continues onwards, and right along the track at the other side of the buildings. Roughly 500 metres along here you’ll find St. Maria Chapel, a cute little dark-red and white building. After you’ve admired the church (from the outside), take the path onwards and down the zigzags through the wood.

Turn right on the road at the bottom, right again at the next junction and then first left back up the hill. You’ll soon return to the car park where you started and the end of the Mespelbrunn Castle & Panorama Walk.

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