Eichstätt Panorama Walk

Views over Eichstatt town in the Altmuhltal
Views over Eichstatt town in the Altmuhltal

By Vicky · Published Mar. 18th, 2024 · Updated Jun. 7th, 2024

On the Eichstätt Panorama Walk you’ll walk through the historic old town, around the valley with great views and past Willibaldsberg Castle.


This walk starts from the large car park near the centre of Eichstätt. Alternatively, Eichstätt train station is also in the centre of town so taking the train is a great walk to get to this walk. On the train, it’s 45 minutes from Ingolstadt, and 1hr30-1hr45 from Nuremberg, Munich or Augsburg.

Eichstätt Panorama Walk Map

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Eichstätt Panorama Walking Route

Walking through Eichstätt Old Town

Walking through Eichstätt Old Town
Walking through Eichstätt Old Town

Leave the car park along the river towards the centre of town, then turn right along the pedestrian street by the bridge. Head left at the corner and left again across the next bridge, the Spitalbrücke. As you cross, look to the right and you’ll see a wooden cage hanging over the water. A relic from the Dark Ages, supposed criminals were put inside until they confessed to their crimes.

Across the other side of the bridge, you’ll see Eichstätt Cathedral with its two white towers. Head around to the right into the grand Residenzplatz and leave via the lane in the far left corner. On your left here you’ll find an entrance to the church and the old cloisters.

Eichstätt Cathedral
Eichstätt Cathedral
Information Centre for the Altmühltal Naturpark
Information Centre for the Altmühltal Naturpark

Leave the way you came and continue along the lane. Cross over the larger road and past another church before turning left up the road at the next junction. A short distance up the hill you’ll see an old pink cloister and church on your right. Today the Information Centre for the Altmühltal Naturpark near Eichstätt is inside.

Continue walking up the hill. At the end of the road, cross over and take the lane on the opposite side. There are several hiking signs here. The Eichstätt Panorama route described here follows the markers for Route 7, with a small deviation near Willibaldsberg Castle.

Into the Woods with Panoramic Views

Walking in the Altmühltal, Bavaria, Germany
Views of Willibaldsberg Castle on a hill from the Eichstätt Panorama Walk

Around the corner, take the hiking path signposted to the left. There are some lovely panoramas of Eichstätt from here, and several scenic benches. Keep following the signs for Route 7 up through the woodland until you reach the flatter section near the top of the hill. There’s a historic walnut plantation here, planted during the First World War to help feed the population.

Walk along the path, which passes just below some houses, and leads around the edge of the hillside with lovely views over Eichstätt and Willibaldsberg Castle below. At the far end of the valley are several benches by a phone tower. There’s a small path leading off to the right here, signposted to a Kreuz. Head 100 metres along here to the top of the hill, more benches, and more great views of the valley.

Views over Eichstätt in the Altmühltal and Willibaldsberg Castle  on a scenic walk, Bavaria, Germany

After a break, return the way you came and continue right on the main trail. You’ll pass the bright yellow-orange Cafe Restaurant Hotel Schönblick on your right, and then head down some steps to a road. Head across and take the smaller train continuing downwards on the other side.

This leads into the suburbs of Eichstätt. Head over the bridge across the Altmühltal River, across the railway and road and up the lane on the other side, heading towards Willibaldsberg Castle.

Walking around Willibaldsberg Castle

Soon you’ll be back in woodland. Follow signs for Route 7, which brings you around the front of the castle. If you want to head into Willibaldsberg Castle from here, turn left here following signs for the castle entrance. Building works in 2024 mean you currently have to enter and leave the castle the same way, though when these are finished you’ll be able to walk through.

Walls of Willibaldsberg Castle
walking around Willibaldsberg Castle

You can walk around the gardens and courtyards of the castle for free, and there’s also a small restaurant inside. To pay to visit the Jura Museum inside the castle costs €5 (open 10-4pm in winter, 9-6pm in summer). Here you’ll find many Jurassic fossils, special exhibits and an aquarium.

Once you’ve visited the castle, return the way you came and continue walking left around the castle. You’ll pass right below the castle walls which loom very large above you. At the next junction, take a left uphill instead of following the Route 7 signs. This takes you to an open area at the top of the hill from where you can see the castle walls nicely.

Walking across Frauenberg

Frauenberg Chapel, a stop on a walk around Eichstätt in the Altmühltal, Bavaria, Germany
Views from Frauenberg Chapel on the  Eichstätt Panorma Walk

Turn right to walk through the open, and you’ll meet Route 7 again in a short distance. Continuing onwards, you’ll come to Frauenberg Chapel perched at the top of the hill. It’s normally open so you can peek inside. There are several benches and a picnic table dotted around the chapel so it makes a nice lunch spot, and there are great views too.

This walk continues onwards through the grassy fields of Frauenberg before heading back into the woods. The path bends left and keeps quite high, before gradually descending downwards and back to Eichstätt. The route comes out by the station. Here you can either head left back to the car park or turn right back across the bridge to explore more of Eichstätt Old Town. This is the end of the Eichstätt Panorama Walk.

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