Auerberg Alps Panorama Walk

Panoramic views of the Alps from the top of Auerberg
Panoramic views of the Alps from the top of Auerberg

By Vicky · Published Feb. 5th, 2024

Walk up along a little wooded stream to the top of Auerberg with a lovely chapel and a fantastic panorama of the Alps.


The walk up Auerberg starts from a small car park just west of Bernbeuren in the foothills of the Alps. If that’s full, there’s more parking just further up the road on the left.

Auerberg Alps Panorama Walk Map

Get the route by downloading the .gpx or .kml file below. For navigation with on your mobile phone, simply download the .kml file and open to add it to the bookmarks.


Auerberg Alps Panorama Walking Route

Walking through the Feuersteinschlucht to the top of the Auerberg
Fields in Bavaria, Germany

From the car park head across the road and along the path signposted Via Damasia. You’ll follow this route for most of the way. It’s a trail that visits various places where Roman ruins and artefacts have been discovered – there are several display boards (in German) along the route.

Head through the fields and down the small path into the woodland. This is called ‘Feuersteinschlucht’, or ‘Flint Canyon’. There’s a small stream and little bridges that cross it several times. In one place there are also some easy metal steps you have to walk up. Soon you’ll reach the top of the woodland and come out into the open.

Alpine Panorama in Bavaria

Cross over the small road and continue onto the track past the farm. Around the back, the route passes through a short section of trees before it bends right and heads steeply upwards along the edge of the wood. You’ll soon get your first great views of the Alps!

At the top of Auerberg

At the stop head straight on at the junction, then ignore the first path on your right through the car park. Instead, walk onward and out into the open. From here you’ll see the church on top of Auerberg, along with the Panoramagasthof and a small car park. You’ll come back to this point on the way down, but for now, walk up to the church.

Walking to St George Church at the top of Auerberg

St George’s Church and the Tower

The church of St George is rather lovely inside, and very old-looking. There’s a wonderful statue of St George riding his horse and killing the dragon, along with flashy sculptures and nice wooden furnishings. To get to the tower, head towards the front of the church and turn left. There’s a sign pointing ‘zum Turm, ‘to the tower’.

St George Church at the top of Auerberg
Views from St George Church after walking to the top of Auerberg

The way up the tower is slightly scary. It’s a rickety, narrow wooden staircase and it’s quite a long way up. There’s not much space to pass people, so try and listen if anybody is coming down already. You have to be a bit agile to get out onto the viewing platform at the top, but it’s definitely worth it. From here you can see about 270 degrees, from the grassy foothills dotted with towns to the east and west, to the high Alpine peaks in the south. If you look carefully, you’ll even be able to see Neuschwanstein Castle, the famous fairytale castle built by Mad King Ludwig II.

Römer Rundweg

Hiking the Römer Rundweg
Walking along the Römer Rundweg around St George Church at the top of Auerberg

Walk around the church, then head along the path through the fence in the left corner of the car park below. Walk around this short loop for more great views of the countryside below and church above. You can also see places where Roman ruins and artefacts were discovered.

Walking Back Down Auerberg

Shortly before you reach the road, turn right to head a short distance back where you came from. At the junction at the end of the field, head through the gate and right along the track through the field. Follow this track as it leads downwards and to a cross at a viewpoint. Here, the panorama of the Alps is excellent, and you can spend some time sitting on the benches or the grassy meadow enjoying the view.

Views whilst walking Back Down Auerberg
Panorama of the Alps when walking back down Auerberg hill in Bavaria

Continue following the track as it bends around and into a cluster of farm buildings. The track becomes a small paved lane and continues onwards, gently down the slopes of the Auerberg, all the time with great views of the Alps.

Eventually you’ll hit a slightly larger road. Turn left here, then in 400 metres turn left back onto a smaller road. You’ll soon be on the main road into the town or Bernbeuren. Once you reach the houses, take a left, signposted with a hiking sign.

When this small road bends right, head straight onward. It looks a bit like you’re walking into someone’s garden, but this is the right way. Around the back of the house is another signpost, and you walk through a mini field back into the wild. Head straight along this small path through the trees. You’ll soon be back at the car park and the end of the Auerberg Alps Panorama Walk.

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