Jetřichovice, Marienfels Viewpoint & Kamenice Gorge

Marienfels (Mariina Skala) Viewpoint in Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Rpeublic
Marienfels (Mariina Skala) Viewpoint in Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Rpeublic

By Vicky · Published Sep. 26th, 2023 · Updated Sep. 27th, 2023

The walk from Jetřichovice to Marienfels (Mariina Skala) and Wilhelmine’s viewpoints, and back through part of Kamenice Gorge has amazing views and cool rock castles.

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The Jetřichovice, Marienfels Viewpoint & Kamenice Gorge Walk starts from a car park in the middle of the small town of Jetřichovice. The car park marked is small, but there’s another larger car park nearby that’s open in summer. All car parks in Jetřichovice are paid (cash or card) and cost around 150CZK (€6 for the day). This seems expensive, but entry to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park itself is free.

Tips for Jetřichovice, Marienfels Viewpoint & Kamenice Gorge Walk

  • The rocks can be slippery when wet, so take care and wear sensible hiking shoes.
  • To get to some of the viewpoints and rock castles you need to climb up ladders, sometimes very steep. These are all short out-and-back sections so you can avoid these if you want.
  • You can shorten this walk by 2 km & 100 if you miss out the out-and-back to Šaunštejn Rock Castle & Mala Pravchika Rock Bridge
  • For other walks nearby head to Tisa for a short walk through the rock labyrinth or a longer walk to a rocky plateau. For other nearby hikes, see our Czech Hiking Page.

Jetřichovice, Marienfels Viewpoint & Kamenice Gorge Walking Route

From the car park, head out of town on the track leading to the left of the grand pink building in the fields. This soon turns into a smaller path leading upwards through the rocks and trees. After a while the path flattens and heads slightly to the left of the highest point. Around the back, you’ll find a path on the left to Marienfels Viewpoint.

Marienfels Viewpoint

Wooden pagoda on a walk up to Marienfels Viewpoint
Views from Marienfels Viewpoint on a walk in Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Marienfels Viewpoint (also known as Mariina Skala in Czech) is one of the best viewpoints in Bohemian Switzerland National Park. It’s a short out-and-back to get here, but not ideal for those afraid of heights. There’s a new wooden pagoda at Marienfels Viewpoint, from which is a fantastic view over the countryside below. After spending a while here, return to the path and continue onwards.

Wilhelmine’s View

Walking on a trail in Czech Republic
On a walk at Wilhelmine's View

The path keeps on going through some nice trees and rocks, and past a cave, before you reach another out-and-back to Wilhelmine’s View. Like Marienfels, this is a great viewpoint over the countryside. However, to get here is just a simple walk through the trees with no ladders or scary sections. From Wilhelmine’s View you also get a great view back to Marienfels.

Return to the trail and turn left. There are a few more nice little viewpoints before you reach a crossroads in the forest. Continue over straight onwards on the path and you’ll soon be at the next viewpoint.

Rudolf Kinský Viewpoint

Walking up to Rudolf Kinský Viewpoint
View of endless forest and trees from Rudolf Kinský Viewpoint
Narrow steps in the snow up to Rudolf Kinský Viewpoint

Getting to the small hut at the top of Rudolf Kinský Viewpoint involves a ladder and careful walking, but isn’t too difficult. The hut itself isn’t nice, but there are more good views from here and it’s almost the highest point on the walk.

When you’ve admired the view, return off the rocks and take the path to the right heading downwards. It soon meets up with a track and you follow this down to the next junction. Continue straight over on the path to contour around a wooded hillside, with lovely rocks and more good views.

The route then descends through some rocky columns to a road at the bottom. Turn left on the small road and in just over a kilometre you’ll reach a junction with a track on the right and some signposts.

Šaunštejn Rock Castle & Mala Pravchika Rock Bridge

Wooden steps leading upwards near Šaunštejn Rock Castle and Mala Pravchika Rock Bridge on a day walk in Bohemian Switzerland
Climbing a ladder up Šaunštejn Rock Castle
Walking through a tunnel at Šaunštejn Rock Castle

If you take the track on the right, there’s an out-and-back to Šaunštejn Rock Castle & Mala Pravchika Rock Bridge. It’s 1 km and about 100 metres climb to the bridge at the far end, so if you are too tired you can miss this and shorten the walk by 2 km in total.

Views on top of Šaunštejn Rock Castle, on a walk in Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Republic
View of Šaunštejn Rock Castle on a walk down from Mala Pravchika Rock Bridge

If you decide to see these two fun features, walk along the track and follow it as it bends the corner towards a huge rock blob on the right. This is Šaunštejn Rock Castle. To get to the top there are a few ladders, some of which are very steep. Don’t attempt this climb unless you’re quite agile and not afraid of heights.

At the top it’s quite large and there are several sections of boardwalk with good views. People actually used to live, or at least shelter in this ‘castle’ and they carved out at least one chamber in the cliffs here.

Mala Pravchika Rock Bridge

Return down the ladders and head right to walk up to Mala Pravchika Rock Bridge. This is a small rock arch (not the huge famous one) and it involves quite some uphill to get there, but it’s not too far. After the steps and uphill you’ll reach a junction, with the rock bridge a very short distance to your left. You can climb to the top for more views, and walk around the back to get photos through the archway.

When you’re ready, return the way you came to the small road at the bottom.

Kamenice Gorge

Walking down into Kamenice Gorge
Steep steps down into Kamenice Gorge near Jetřichovic
A stroll along Kamenice Gorge

Turn right along the road to walk through some fields to the village of Vysoká Lípa. When the road bends left in town, take the smaller road to the right. You pass a few houses and then the road turns into a smaller path leading downwards. This is the descent into Kamenice Gorge, where it’s very atmospheric with rocks and trees covered in dampness and moss.

Don’t worry about descending all the steps. Miraculously, there’s very little climb left on the walk, you somehow just end up in Jetřichovice Village without much uphill.

On a walk past Dolsky Mill in Kamenice Gorge near Jetřichovic, Bohemian Switzerland National Park
Walking through Kamenice Gorge near Jetřichovic

When you get to the bottom of Kamenice Gorge, cross over to look at Dolsky Mill, now partly ruined. It’s a very scenic location and you’ll see the high, rocky walls of the gorge on either side. Continue past the mill and around the back of the hill to return to the river further up.

Turn right and cross over the river again to a flat trail. Continue along this easy trail for almost 2 km and you’ll soon see the first buildings on the outskirts of Jetřichovice town.


Wooden houses in Jetřichovic town, Czech Republic
Walking past wooden houses in Jetřichovic town, Czech Republic

Jetřichovice itself is a very cute town with many houses made from traditional wooden block style, or folk architecture, which is protected in this region. The path leads past another mill, then winds up to the main road through the town. Turn right and you’ll see some more cute buildings and then reach the centre of Jetřichovice. The car park, and the end of the hike to Marienfels Viewpoint & Kamenice Gorge, is on your left.

Guidebooks to explore more of the Czech Republic

For other walks nearby head to Tisa for a short walk through the rock labyrinth or a longer walk to a rocky plateau. For other nearby hikes, see our Czech Hiking Page.

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