Barr Walking Tour

River view in Barr
River view in Barr

By Vicky · Published Apr. 22nd, 2023 · Updated Apr. 3rd, 2024

This walking tour of Barr will take you through the heart of this charming town, with its half-timbered houses and picturesque streets.


This walking tour starts from a car park near the centre of Barr. Alternatively, it’s just 10 minutes walk from Barr Train Station to the centre of the old town (40-50 minutes on the train from either Strasbourg or Colmar).

Barr Walking Tour Map

Get the route by downloading the .gpx or .kml file below. For navigation with on your mobile phone, simply download the .kml file and open to add it to the bookmarks.

Tips for Barr Walking Tour

  • Barr is often not crowded, it’s a great place to escape the busy villages elsewhere!
  • It’s definitely worth walking the vineyards on this walking tour to get the views over the small town.
  • For more walking tours and hikes, see our France Hiking Page.

Top Sights in Barr

On this self-guided walking tour, you’ll discover the best streets in Barr, and enjoy views of town from the vineyards on the slopes above. This walking tour of Barr takes between 1-2 hours depending on if you stop for refreshments.

  1. Rue Taufflieb
  2. Rue de la Kirneck
  3. Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
  1. Église Saint-Martin
  2. Sentier Viticole de Barr
  3. Rue Brune & Rue du Collège

Barr Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from the small car park near the centre of Barr.

Directions: Leave the car park and turn left towards the old town and a square on Rue Taufflieb.

1. Rue Taufflieb

Rue Taufflieb

Rue Taufflieb is a cute road with a lovely little square surrounded by nice old buildings.

Directions: Turn left along the road to the first junction.

2. Rue de la Kirneck

Walking along Rue de la Kirneck on a walking tour of Barr
La Kirneck Stream viewpoint
Rue de la Kirneck

Rue de la Kirneck is another lovely street heading through the centre of Barr old town. At the junction, a small stream runs underneath the road and you can get a photo through a wooden picture frame of the water and surrounding buildings. A little way along the road, look out for a very old wine press on your right.

Directions: After the wine press, take the first left up yet another cute street towards the main square.

Wine route, Alsace, France
Walking along the cute streets of Barr, on the wine route in Alsace, France
A cute house in Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, Alsace

3. Place de l’Hôtel de Ville

Place de l'Hôtel de Ville in Barr, a stop on the walking tour

The Place de l’Hôtel de Ville is the main town square, and here you can find several restaurants and cafes. There’s an impressive old town hall and a nice fountain in the square. Surrounding the open space are many half-timbered houses and impressive architecture.

Directions: Head left out of the town square, then bend right up towards the obvious church.

4. Église Saint-Martin

Église Saint-Martin

The Église Saint-Martin is a protestant church (the catholic one is white and can be seen from the walk through the vineyards). There was first a church on this site in 1180, and parts of the tower remain from hundreds of years ago.

Directions: Turn left above the church and follow this road as it leads through the vineyards, first bending to the right and then to the left. Take another left to return towards town and past the white catholic church.

5. Sentier Viticole de Barr

Sentier Viticole de Barr, on a walking tour of town
Walking along the Sentier Viticole de Barr with great views of town

The Sentier Viticole de Barr is a lovely walk through the vines, from which you have panoramic views over town and the little valley that it sits in. The grapes are used to produce delicious local wines, many of which you can find at shops in town. Further uphill at the head of the valley is the outline of a distant castle in the forest-covered slopes of the Vosges mountain range.

Directions: After passing the church, take the first right down Rue Brune. Then at the bottom turn left along Rue du Collège.

6. Rue Brune & Rue du Collège

Walking along Rue Brune in Barr on a tour of town
Rue du Collège, Alsace

Both Rue Brune and Rue du Collège are cute streets in a quiet part of Barr. You can look back up Rue Brune and get views of the vineyards you were just walking through.

Directions: Walk along Rue du Collège and the car park and the end of the Barr Walking Tour will soon be on your left.

Best Places to Stay in Barr

There are a few good places to stay in Barr, with a couple of hotels and several apartments, though bear in mind that some have minimum-stay requirements. The best of the hotel and apartment options in Barr are below:


  • A la Maison Rouge Hôtel*: A central hotel with a traditional vibe and a great restaurant with outdoor seating. There’s free private parking for guests and breakfast available.


  • LOCBNB*: Apartments in a tastefully renovated old building right in the middle of Barr. All apartments have equipped kitchens and lots of character, with free private parking.

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