Haguenau Walking Tour

Square in Haguenau, Alsace
Square in Haguenau, Alsace

By Vicky · Published Apr. 20th, 2024

Haguenau is a charming old town full of shops, cute half-timbered houses and many cafes, perfect to explore on a walking tour.


This walking tour of Haguenau starts from a Parking Dominicains, a free car park on the eastern side of town. It’s 30 minutes drive from Strasbourg, or just over 20 minutes on the train.

Haguenau Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Haguenau Walking Tour

  • It’s easy and only 25 minutes to get to Haguenau on the train from Strasbourg.
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Top Sights in Haguenau

This self-guided walking tour of Haguenau passes all the top sights in town. Allow a couple of hours.

  1. Tour des Pêcheurs
  2. Musée Historique
  3. Municipal Theater Haguenau
  4. St. George’s Church
  1. La Place d’Armes
  2. Médiathèque de la Vieille-Île
  3. Hôtel de Ville
  4. St Nicolas Church

Haguenau Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from the Parking Dominicains. From here, head through the red-and-white school buildings on the path to the river. Cross the bridge and turn right on the other side.

1. Tour des Pêcheurs

Tour des Pêcheurs

In the early 13th century the Tour des Pêcheurs was constructed to open and close river access to Haguenau. The portcullis is missing today, but you can see the rest of the old, well-maintained tower.

Directions: Walk onwards to the roundabout and turn left. You’ll see the next stop on the next corner.

2. Musée Historique

Musée Historique, a distinctive building in Haguenau on a walking tour through town

Key Information: Open summer Wed-Sun 10-12:30 & 1:30-6pm. Open the rest of the year Wed-Sun 2-5:30pm. Tickets cost €4/2.

The Musée Historique, or Historical Museum of Haguenau, houses collections spanning from prehistoric times to the present day, giving you insight into the area’s rich heritage. The museum is located in a grand neo-Renaissance building.

Directions: Continue down the street and you’ll soon get to the little park on your right.

3. Municipal Theater Haguenau

Municipal Theater Haguenau

The Municipal Theater Haguenau was built in the mid-19th century. Today there’s a lovely square in front of it, surrounded by other noteworthy buildings.

Directions: Leave the square along the narrow street to the right of the theatre. Turn right on the pedestrian shopping street and you’ll see the church.

4. St. George’s Church

Walking through a town in Alsace
St. George's Church, a stop on a walking tour through Haguenau

St. George’s Church embodies a mix of architectural styles, from Romanesque to Gothic. Inside, don’t miss the old pulpit from 1500.

Directions: Retrace your steps slightly and head along the main shopping street to the central square.

5. La Place d’Armes

La Place d'Armes
La Place d'Armes, the centre of Haguenau and a highlight of a walking tour

The heart of the city, La Place d’Armes, is full of shops, restaurants and on sunny days lovely terraces. There are many old buildings here, including half-timbered houses and the old Douane (Customs House). You’ll also find the Office de Tourisme du Pays de Haguenau here.

Directions: Walk around the central square before heading along the small walkway to the grand Médiathèque building.

6. Médiathèque de la Vieille-Île

Médiathèque de la Vieille-Île

The grand Médiathèque de la Vieille-Île was built in 1783 as a hospital and is now part of the local university.

Directions: Head right through the university buildings and straight across the main road to the grassy square and the town hall.

7. Hôtel de Ville

Hôtel de Ville, a stop on a walking tour through Haguenau

The neo-baroque Hôtel de Ville faces a lovely park, full of flowers in spring and summer. Above the windows on the ground floor, you can see the faces of 10 local councillors who at the time (1910) opposed the construction of this building.

Directions: Leave the square through the Porte des Chevaliers, an old gate tower. Take the next right and continue to the Porte de Wissembourg, another gate tower in the middle of a roundabout. Then head right to the church.

8. St Nicolas Church

St Nicolas Church in Haguenau

Friedrich Barbarossa founded St Nicolas Church in 1189, though the current building was begun only a hundred years later. Inside there are several Baroque works including statues, paintings and the choir.

Directions: Continue past the church, following the road around the corner to the main road. Turn right, then head left across the bridge into the park. Head right along the river through the park, then take the next bridge on your right to return back to the car park and the end of the Haguenau Walking Tour.

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