Lake Peirou to Glanum Ruins Walk

Cliffs around Lake Peirou
Cliffs around Lake Peirou

By Vicky · Published Sep. 16th, 2023 · Updated Sep. 21st, 2023

The short walk from Lake Peirou to Glanum Archaeological Site is an adventurous stroll with a beautiful lake, rock tunnel and free parking.

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This walk starts from a free car park by the edge of Lake Peirou. This walk can also easily be combined with the Rocher des Deux Trous Walk which starts at the Glanum Ruins car park.

Tips for Lake Peirou to Glanum Ruins Walk

  • On the way back, there’s a short section through a tunnel which is very steep. There are metal staples and a chain to hold onto, but it’s not advised if you’re very afraid of heights or not at least slightly flexible.
  • Stay in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence* so you can walk to Glanum Ruins and Lake Peirou from your hotel.
  • For a longer walk, you can head up to the Rocher des Deux Trous from the ruins, or walk elsewhere in Provence such as in Buoux Gorge or around Les Baux de Provence.
  • Glanum ruins are open Apr-Sep 9:30am-6pm every day and Oct-Mar 10-5pm Tue-Sun.
  • For more hikes, check out our France Hiking Page.

Lake Peirou to Glanum Ruins Walking Route

On a walk from Lake Peirou to Glanum Ruins in Provence
Walknig around Lake Peirou

From the car park head to the lake and follow the path around its left side. There are some lovely views from here across the little lakes to the cliffs above. About halfway along the water’s edge, take the path leading left, away from the lake, and directly upwards.

Follow the path as it climbs over the ridge and down the other side. There are nice views from here of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence town and the surrounding countryside.

Soon you’ll get to a track at the bottom. Turn left here to walk past some villas and you’ll come out at the parking to Glanum Archeological Site. Cross over the road and head right up the lane to the ruins if you want to visit these. Or to head back to the lake, continue walking along the main road.

Glanum Archeological Site

Glanum Archeological Site

Key Information: Open Apr-Sep 9:30am-6pm every day, Oct-Mar 10-5pm and closed on Mondays. Tickets cost €8 or are free for under 18s/under 25s if EU residents.

The Glanum Archeological Site is full of impressive ruins with buildings from both Roman and pre-Roman times when Glanum was an ancient Gallic city. The archeological site is set in some lovely countryside and there are also great views from here.

Walking around Glanum Archeological Site
On a walk at Glanum Archeological Site in Provence

Apart from the site itself, there’s a small museum at the entrance (in French and English) which explains more about the history and significance of the Glanum ruins.

Walking Back from the Ruins to Lake Peirou

Walking along a road between rocks in Provence
Views from a walk in Provence

Once you’re finished with the ruins, return to the main road and head left. You have to walk along the road for about 400 metres, before you’ll see a path leading to the right and into the trees.

This trail leads upwards and then to the base of a large, rocky cliff. The route now leads steeply down through a tunnel at the base of the cliff. There are metal staples for steps and a metal chain to hold on to while making the descent. It’s not too difficult, as long as you don’t have a fear of heights and are a bit flexible.

Grotte de Peirou
Walking down a tunnel to Lake Peirou
Cave tunnel by Lake Peirou

Once through the tunnel, the path leads down to reach the shore of Lake Peirou. At the water’s edge turn left and you’ll soon be back at the car park and the end of the Lake Peirou to Glanum Ruins Walk.

Guidebooks for Exploring & Hiking in Southern France

If you’re going to southern France, there are several guidebooks that cover either only Provence & Côte d’Azur (Avignon and east), or Languedoc-Roussillon (Nîmes/Montpellier and west). Because we explored both areas, we opted for Lonely Planet’s France Guide, which apart from including all of France was only slightly more expensive than an individual regional guide.

For other great hikes nearby, check out our France hiking page.

For other great hikes nearby, walk up to the Rocher des Deux Trous, through Buoux Gorge or around Les Baux de Provence. Alternatively, check out our France hiking page.

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