Katzenthal Vineyards Walk

Katzenthal Vineyards with views of Niedermorschwihr
Katzenthal Vineyards with views of Niedermorschwihr

By Vicky · Published Jul. 15th, 2023 · Updated Apr. 3rd, 2024

The Katzenthal Vineyards Walk passes through the town, up to Château du Wineck, then across to the sloping vineyards with great views.

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This easy walk through Katzenthal vineyards starts from a small car park by the cemetery on the right near the entrance to the village.

Tips for Katzenthal Vineyards Walk

  • This walk is easy and on large tracks, with some slightly steeper sections of uphill.
  • There are many authentic wineries in the small village of Katzenthal, pop in after this hike!
  • Katzenthal village itself does not have the cute half-timbered buildings of the other Alsace villages, so is way less crowded.
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Katzenthal Vineyards Walking Route

White church in Alsace
Katzenthal village, Alsace, France

From the car park, walk past the church and turn right. Follow the road as it bends left and take the third street to the right just before the pink building. This paved road leads out of Katzenthal and up into the vineyards.

Follow the small road as it bends left across the hillside and towards the castle. There are some lovely views from here looking back down across town, and to the castle tower ahead. You have to walk slightly around the castle before a grassy track leads up into its interior, heading off to the right.

Château du Wineck

Views of Katzenthal on a walking tour through the vineyards by the village
Château du Wineck, Katzentahl, Alsace

Follow this track around and you’ll reach a bench with glorious views, plus a little wooden drawbridge across the moat into the castle keep. This castle is called Château du Wineck, but unfortunately, you can’t enter the castle or go up the tower.

After admiring the castle, continue along the track past the castle to the junction. Walk left, then keep right at the fork to follow the small road as it heads slightly steeply down and back into Katzenthal.

Head left, right, left in the village to walk along Rue des Trois Épis. Take the first small road to the right, which heads up into the vineyards on the other side of town.

Walking through Katzenthal Vineyards

Views of Katzenthal Vineyards and Château du Wineck while on a walk

When you reach the first junction in the forest, turn left along the track. This route contours around the hillside, with views over Katzenthal and the Alsace Valley before reaching the other side of the hill.

Now you get great views over Niedermorschwihr, a cute town nestled in the valley below. Eventually, when you’re roughly level with the village, take the track bending sharply to the right and gradually uphill. Take a left at the next fork, which soon comes to a wooden cross. This is the top of Sommerberg.

Flowers in Alsace vineyards, France
Views over Niedermorschwihr while walking through the Katzenthal Vineyards

From here, head left, right, then left again to start contouring around the vineyards-covered hillside again. This track brings you back into the small forest and down to the junction you were at before.

From here, turn left to walk back into Katzenthal. Turn right at the street, then left to reach another of the main streets through town. Turn right at the corner, and following this road will lead you back to the church and the car park where you started. This is the end of the Katzenthal Vineyards Walk.

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