Leutstettener Moos Walk

Leutstettener Moos near Starnberger See
Leutstettener Moos near Starnberger See

By Vicky · Published Dec. 20th, 2023

This circular walk around Leutstettener Moos, not far from Munich, is a pleasant stroll through woods and fields, ending at beautiful Starnberger See.

Leutstettener Moos Walking Map

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The Leutstettener Moos Walk starts from the Parkplatz am Seebad in Starnberg, a town at the northern end of Starnberger See. Parking is free for the first hour, then €1 for each extra hour. Note that the ticket machines take cash only! Alternatively, it’s easy to reach Starnberg Station, on this walking route, via train from Munich (35 minutes every 20 minutes).


  • This walk can be done in the winter snow, while in summer you can swim in Starnberger See!
  • There are several cafes and restaurants in Starnberg town at the end of this walk.
  • When in the area, check out our Munich Walking Tour or walk around Murnauer Moos. Alternatively, discover our Germany Hiking Page for more great hikes nearby.

Leutstettener Moos Hiking Route

A hiking trail in the snow near starnberger See, Bavaria, Germany
A path through Leutstettener Moos on a walk in the snow
Walking through Leutstettener Moos near Munich

From the car park head back out to the main road, cross over and turn right. Walk along the path by the road, past the sports club, and turn left up the smaller road. Continue straight along here, and onward as the road becomes a track and heads into the forest.

It’s a lovely wooded area and feels suddenly quite wild once you leave the town behind. Keep heading along the main track for about 1.5 km from the road. There’s a junction here. Turn left to visit the Villa Rustica. The path heads out into the open where you’ll find the remains of a Roman Villa. You can see the underfloor heating system within a protective glass box, and some idea of the structure of the building’s walls outside.

Villa Rustica, Starnberg
Walking through the village of Leutstettener

Once you’ve finished looking at the ruins, head back towards the forest and take a left along the track that borders the trees. This track then leads through an open area to the small village of Leutstetten. Turn left along the small path just before the houses, then right on the track to the little road running through the village.

Turn left along this lane to the T-junction, then left again. The road winds through Leutstetten village to a main road. Turn left again here to walk along the track by the side of the road. Follow the track for just over 1 km along the main road, then turn left along a lane through a field and towards some trees. Turn right at the trees to follow the track to the outskirts of Starnberg.

Walking through Starnberg

Walking through Starnberg town
Walking along Starnberger See, Bavaria, Munich

Turn left at the road, then take the first right. Walk through this suburb to the main road, then head left and through the tunnel to the small train station. Walk left by the railway and then right through the larger tunnel underneath the tracks. Continue along the road, across the main road, then turn right at the T-junction.

Take the next left at the big road to walk down the main street in Strarnberg town. This heads down past the church towards Starnberger See. When you hit the railway again, there’s a tunnel underneath just to the right. Head through this and you’ll reach the lakeside promenade of Starnberger See.

Turn left along the promenade. If it’s clear, you’ll have views to the Alps in the distance across the water. Follow the path keeping as close to the water’s edge as possible. You’ll soon reach the car park where you started and the end of the Leutstettener Moos Walk.

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When in the area, check out our Munich Walking Tour or walk around Murnauer Moos. Alternatively, discover our Germany Hiking Page for more great hikes nearby.

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