Hay Meadows and Barns Short Walk

Hay meadows and barns in Liechtenstein
Hay meadows and barns in Liechtenstein

By Vicky · Published Jun. 23rd, 2023 · Updated Jun. 27th, 2023

This short walk wanders through glorious hay meadows full of cute barns and flowers before heading upwards then back through lovely woodland.

Hay Meadows and Barns Walking Map

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The Hay Meadows and Barns Short Walk starts at a car park on a small side road in the small village of Studa. If this is full, there’s also a car park just down the road. Alternatively, take the bus to Triesenberg, Rizlina bus stop.


Hay Meadows and Barns Short Walk Route

Hay meadows, barns and mountains in Liechtenstein
On a walk through wildflower meadows in Liechtenstein
Walking with wild flowers in the Alps
Hay meadows and barns in Liechtenstein

From the car park, head onwards along the narrow lane and into the hay meadows. You should already see the many cute wooden barns amongst the grass and flowers. Walk through the first cluster of barns and take the next right heading back along a little road higher up.

At the junction, keep left and follow the road as it bends back again, continuing to head up the hill. At the next bend in the road, take the track heading roughly straight onwards and uphill towards the forest.

Walking to the Highpoint

On a short walk in Liechtenstein
On a short walk in Liechtenstein with mountain cows

Keep on walking along the track and after a few zigzags you’ll reach a small collection of houses. Continue onwards and you’ll reach a large flat meadow, dotted with a few more houses. You might also see some highland cattle in the fields. There are some great views from here of the large Rhine Valley.

After a short uphill you’ll reach a larger road. Turn left here and walk downwards along the road as it bends towards Masescha village. About halfway through the village, turn left along Marchamguadstrasse, a small road. This road contours along the hillside and turns into a track through pleasant deciduous woods.

Views from the hills in the Alps
Walking through a forest on a short walk in Liechtenstein

Soon you’ll walk into another hay meadow, then after a few more trees you’re back in the same hay meadow and barns area where you started. Continue onwards along the track until you reach the same junction as before. Now you can easily head down the road and back to the car park and the end of the short walk.

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